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Hello, We'are Shiftrick, RE:OZMA Developer!  
We are pleased to introduce you to RE: OZMA to itch.io 
Today we're launching RE: OZMA Crowdfunding! 

RE: OZMA is a hybrid sandbox game developed for 1 year and 8 months.
We hope you have a lot of interest and support in RE:OZMA.
(Our story is very long. If you read our story to the end, thank you very much in advance.)

Demo access is free. Please follow the link below to apply. 

Thank you.



   Survive! Explore! Pioneer!

   PC Hybrid Sandbox GAME 'RE : OZMA'


"Everything is up to you"

The way you walk will soon be the way! 

The exploration will take place in the vast universe that will be created by your free choice and will. 

"Would you like to explore with RE:OZMA?"

"Finally, I will be on my own to explore." 


"Dream of a splendid house is a reality.

All materials are obtained by digging the ground. You can make anything by yourself.

Every time you dig, random terrains are generated in turn, and countless items and materials are hidden like treasures. Bath tub when tired. The beer shed is a bonus! "

“Warp into space and explore from place to place to find the planets you want. Adventures in space allow you to meet and interact with other planet owners. These are other creatures online around the world. And when you get to EXP Planet, the things you get from My Sandbox will shine more, deploy troops, build your maps, and this is a whole new world! "

"Invite friends from space to my planet, or go to his planet and have fun. Enjoy! Of course, today's friend can be tomorrow's enemy. (Of course you can choose!)

"Now upgraded skills enable enjoy a full-fledged battle. Right 'Boss Monsters' are waiting for us!   If it's hard to fight alone, play with friend!

You can choose the game genre you want to make, create your own game map, and play there.

Are you asking what you will use to make it? Everything you acquire on ‘My planet’ becomes the material for your game map. And if you want, you can invite other friends to join you online. Like this, RE: OZMA is a game with a lot of fun to choose from you. 

If you are looking for 'fun to create yourself' through this game!

16 game launches and services. 

Korea, USA, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, South America Service 8 years.
North American Steam Service 2 years.

Realizing the potential for the global indie game market, we founded Shiftrick in 2018. Many thoughts we felt and remembered as we watched the successes and failures of so many games. It's Shiftrick's first project, RE:OZMA, which has poured all of this "enlightenment and experience" over the past year and eight months. "

"Everything you want is possible! RE: OZMA’s Sandbox

1) Containing the developers' free thinking.
2) Creating an extending game by gamers
3) High replay value game

We came to find the basis for all of these ideas, and that was the genre of sandboxes. "

"RE: OZMA's sandbox is" Make everything you imagine possible ".

After entering my planet for the first time, a full-fledged sandbox play begins, which creates your own world.

It is composed of sandbox terrain and various dungeons implemented through random terrain generation algorithm, so different terrains are procedurally created each time you sell land, providing various kinds of fun.

"6 genres in one game” The birth of a hybrid sandbox game! 

RE: OZMA is not just a sandbox game. We are pursuing 'infinitely expandable game' by combining with various game genres on the basic ground genre called sandbox.

The myriad planets in RE: OZMA can be thought of as=different genre planets. Each planet has its own genre, and you can play the game according to your purpose and taste. You can move to the game planet and play new games there, or create your own games. And the important point! The items and character information obtained in the sandbox are organically linked between the planets to influence different genres. 

Start in the sandbox and expand your game genres for fun.    

Onlie Network Play!  
Let's enjoy it with gamers all over the world! 

RE:OZMA provides single and IP play. Moreover, to maximize the ‘joy from playing with others’, it provides multiplayer mode and provides world wide chat. This allows players to randomly meet among RE:OZMA planets. They can trade, and the player can enter and play together in other player’s planets when that player is logged in.   

Only in RE:OZMA ! For features! 

We've put a lot of effort into finding  RE:OZMA colors, and we've tried to develop a more convenient and diverse game.  

We've been developing hard to prepare content for a year and eight months to fully enjoy the game for a long time. We think it's the beginning, and I'll continue to create rich and diverse contents. 

So far, RE:OZMA has undergone many changes.

(This is shortly after deciding to develop a sandbox. Terrain generation and fluid flow began to be studied one by one.)

(In order to maximize the degree of freedom and scalability of content, we started to introduce the concept of space into the world view.) 

(The first demo version is complete enough to play a single flow of sandbox completely in the single language.)

"We wanted to compete with our own development capabilities”

For a year, Shiftrick has developed the core technology of the sandbox to be the center of game content.

"In fact, there aren't many examples of developing 2D sandbox games with the Unity engine, so it's never been a smooth journey. We focused solely on the underlying sandbox technology, and then we've focused on multiplayer and e have been researching and developing server implementation and genre expansion & fusion.

RE: OZMA, @PAX EAST 2019 Exhibition

 We  wanted to verify the demo version of RE: OZMA that developed for a year.

We took a game built with my bare hands to the North American market, the biggest market for indie games and home to sandbox games. From A to Z, we prepared it with our thoughts and strength. 

                              PAX EAST 2019 booth @RE:OZMA (YouTube)

The game show was PAX EAST, the largest North American user who decided to participate in a game we made when he worked in the US and Europe.

                           "We were afraid"

On the plane to the United States, our feelings were complicated.
"Is it possible for a stranger to be recognized by strangers?" 
" What if no one comes to our booth? "  

But it completely our concern. A total of 1142 gamers visited, 444 game demos and 400 customer mails in 4 days. They gave us meaningful feedback and hot encouragement. And since RE:OZMA still has a long way to go, and there are many things to complete, the audience have not only forgotten the support but also the cold evaluation. "Shiftrick's biggest achievement in the game show alone was the confidence that 'the challenge so far was not in vain'. Let's keep it going.

It's time to release [RE: OZMA] out to the world.

RE: OZMA opened the Steam Store in April 2019.  You'll be able to meet global users for the first time on the PC platform with Steam Early Access 1st Quarter 2020. 

RE:OZMA Stretch Goal 

We're not Perfect. 

There's an end to game contents.  We think it's constantly being complemented and refined. SHIFTICk will unveil a plan for live service, game polishing after the official launch, and complete it with backers.

"The shiftick is not just a PC platform,1)Console, mobile, all platforms.2)The final goal is to play RE:OZMA on one server."We want to make a game that everyone enjoys together on every platform.

About us 

"With the people we like,
Make our favorite things fun,
Make a good game.
It gives users a good experience." 
-Shiftrick Development Philosophy-

We have five members, two programmers, one game director, one CEO and one QA / product manager.

We've worked in the gaming industry for 15 years (representative) and 11 years (PD), respectively, with the appeal of online gaming, a product that we're communicating with our users interactively. 

We've been involved in a variety of areas ranging from game development, business, marketing, promotion, and service jobs, and have experienced a number of organizational and project management activities for the game company.

When we were in North America and Europe's part three years ago, we're awakened to the possibility of "Indie game" in the global market that we first encountered at the American game show, and we've been on our way to start a business since then.

Why  crowdfunding 

We'd like to complete it with backers.

Starting an indie game project in Korea, there were many ups and downs.
- First challenge of Sandbox game
- Challenges to Global Entry as an Indie Game Company in Korea

We've made three prototypes, we've turned them upside And we've been spending a year and eight months of R&D time upside down. The development schedule is always beyond our expectations, and we've met many variables.

We started our company early in the company with our members' severance pay, and we've been going on for a year and a half since then with the help of various government business support. Thank you very much for being here, and now is the time to need support from supporters to prepare for the final build and service. 

Where to Use Donations (budget) 

Your valuable contributions will be used intensively for the cost of preparing for RE: OZMA's final polishing and PC platform STEAM service. Also, OST will be made and rewarded for the addition of new genres and new regions.  

Your Feedback Will Make RE:OZMA Better

We're looking for a gamer to grow RE:OZMA with us. We're in the gaming industry, and we've met a lot of users online and offline. I still remember the memory of the users I met five years ago, even 10 years ago, and they gave me sincere advice.

But we have a dream.
I started my own business and I've been challenging myself. Our challenge wasn't in vain. And we're running today to set a good example for future developers. Our Sandbox technology is an open source, and we're going to share it with developers in the future to help the aspiring game developers.

The character of RE:OZMA looks like us.

The sometimes wandering, living-life, owner character of RE:OZMA's vast universe is actually a reflection of who we are. After all, the survival, exploration, symbiosis and pioneering of RE:OZMA are values that we seek. If you have supported the dreams of the sheep a trick, we still can't stop the challenges and continue to explore and will continue to find.

Thank you  


StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, hybrid, pc, Pixel Art, reozma, Sandbox, Space, Space Sim, steam
Average sessionDays or more
LanguagesEnglish, Korean
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 4
LinksSteam, Steam, Homepage, YouTube, Twitter


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The demo is great so far. Been playing it since the demo started. Demo sign ups are at https://www.reozma.co.kr/ 


Word of caution. If your buying multiple copies, The Tri-Pack is ringing up as Solopack. Invoice is showing solo at $43.

Great news, Single Pack at $14.99 sales works. If you want the extra goodies that comes with the multi-packs, I have tested the Quad-Pack sales, and both online invoice and email clearly show the Quad-Pack as working fine. When I hear back on the Tri-Pack issue being resolved, Ill update this post.

First of all, thank you for your purchase.
The Trio Pack clearly offers three STEAM KEYs, and currently there are no errors you mentioned.
If there is an error, issue, please contact us.
Thank you.  

(1 edit)

Hello Shiftrick. ITCH.IO got back with me. During black Friday sales, due to the 1% discount, the website was ringing up all multipacks as single. I just got confirmation email from the website. This error was not caused by your company, but due to coding, I have been refunded, and am Buying 6 keys. 4 for family, 2 as Prizes when game is officially released. Ill send you a screenshot of the refunded sale. 

Updating the first message. The Quad-pack Sales works, just tested it. So far Single, Quad-pack, sales work.